Winter ambling..

Am I the only person who loves the dark mornings and evenings? There’s something about getting up in the dark, feeling like you’re ahead of the world and it’s an excuse to get the fire on early and spend some time cooking a delicious dinner in the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I love the lightness of summer but Winter is an excuse to slow down and appreciate your home and all its comforts. My little dog ‘Denny’ goes into hibernation mode about this time so if he does agree to go for a walk, its a real treat.




The only downside is my studio gets rather cold in the Winter, a job to be sorted out at some point in the future. But its nothing that a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and a slice of cake can’t fix. Winter is a time of change and new things for me as I prepare my 2017 collection so the time goes very quickly. With my photo-shoot booked for January as well as my Christmas orders, its a wonderfully creative and busy time.


Although it gets dark and cold I have an eagerness to get out and socialise with my friends before Christmas, for delicious coffees, lunches and drinks. I’ve got myself booked in to do the rounds and see my old friends who live near my parents over the Christmas weekend…always something to look forward to. Of course there is the immense job of Christmas present shopping, I’m ticking my gift list off one by one..but the 25th sure is creeping up quickly! Here’s some Christmas gift ideas I’ve found in case you’re struggling!


So enjoy these dark and quiet days, get the blankets out, a pot in the oven and get making that blackberry crumble! Enjoy the build up to Christmas everyone x