what matters most on your wedding day


as the year draws to a close…I began to reflect upon 2014…and of course the biggest thing that happened to me was that I got married…!! after 7 years together paul proposed to me in beautiful hebden bridge, a place he’d taken me to on a date back in the early days..it was perfect..but then came the mammoth task of organising a wedding! It is all so huge..everything about it, the planning, the emotions, the partying to finish it off! And afterwards you realise how special it was and how it had gone by in an instant..even though everyone told you it would. for us our fondest memories of the day are spending it with all our special friends and family and luckily we have beautiful photos to remind us of those wonderful people who truly make your day as perfect as it can be.

The ever so talented Giulia Zonza from On love and photography http://www.onloveandphotography.com/ took the most wonderful photos of all our family and friends, everybody loved her, she was so calming and made us feel very relaxed. we are so grateful to have these images of so many of our guests smiling, laughing and dancing…

the day began with us of course getting ready…

wedding 1a

I had my two sisters and six friends as bridesmaids and it really helped keep me calm having them there as we got ready. in typical marie canning style i had never got round to sorting out what to do with my hair and makeup but luckily had my friend nicola who sorted out the mess i was making of it all! i think getting ready was the most emotional part of the day…my friend rachel came to tell me to make sure I walked down the aisle slowly before she ran off crying and ruth gave me a silver sixpence which was enough to bring out the tears so i had to tell them all to stop saying and doing nice things! And then waiting for paul to come and get me to walk over to the ceremony…well i was quaking in my little blue shoes!

so my lovely sisters and friends walked off ready to head down the aisle….

i felt surprisingly calm through the ceremony..i think it dawned on me when i saw all my friends and family there smiling that there was nothing to feel stressed about and everyone was just happy to be there to see us get married. we had a humanist ceremony and had readings done by my now sister in law and 3 friends. one of our readings was ‘500 miles’ read by my two friends paul and martin after many a fond karaoke night of which 500 miles was paul’s speciality…i thought it would make everyone laugh which it did especially when he burst into song!…but it also made everyone cry!

with the ceremony finished…we walked back down the aisle to ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ by the beach boys, a song me and paul used to dance across our living room to (i’m sure i’ll be in trouble for telling you that!) and it was wonderful to see all our friends and family cheering us on. then it was time for some delicious drinks and macarons and a chance to chat to all our guests..

and then time to have dinner with everyone…this also gave us a chance to wonder around chatting and it was great to see people enjoying themselves and eating plenty! the sun peeked out just in time for a beautiful sunset before the night drew in for partytime!! i have to say the evening really was my favourite part of the day…the pressure was off and we could relax and dance with everyone. we had wonderful friends DJing for us and then let a playlist run until the early hours…

I really have never felt as special as i did that day and will remember how it felt to have all our family and friends under one roof forever…so a big big big thank-you to you all…you really gave us the most perfect day of our lives!

Have a wonderful christmas everyone and see you all in the New Year x x



this blog post has been inspired by the ‘share the honest love’ campaign featured on the ‘love my dress’ wedding blog…follow this link to see more images from the campaign…


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