Utagawa Hiroshige and more at The Manchester Art Gallery


Last week I had a chance to visit Manchester art Gallery and stumbled upon some of the beautiful wood block prints by Japanese artist Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858). Theres a gorgeous selection of Hiroshige’s huge collection of works in a little room in the gallery. I wasn’t expecting to see them as I just happened to be there visiting a friend so it was a really nice surprise!

I also had a little wander around the rest of the gallery and came across some beautiful paintings. I love to take inspiration from the colours painters use and put together. I especially loved the natural soft colour palette in many of the impressionist paintings amongst others that I saw at the gallery.  Heres a look at some which particularly inspired me:

Philip-Wilson-steer‘Young girl in a white dress’ by Philip Wilson steer (1892)

sir-lawrence-alma-tadema‘silver favourites’ Sir lawrence alma-tadema (1903)

Albert-joseph-moore‘A reader’ albert joseph moore (1848-1893).

marcus-c-stone‘a passing cloud’ Marcus C Stone (1840-1921)

utagawa-hiroshigeutagawa hiroshige

Thanks for reading, I’ll be printing out these paintings and putting them on my wall to inspire me over the next few weeks,

Marie x