Rich coral and gold on crisp white porcelain.

I have some new pieces to share with you this week. Inspired by the rich carpet of fallen autumn leaves that cover my nearby park every morning, I have started using a rich coral glaze, teamed with drops of gold lustre. The rich colour teams beautifully with the crisp white porcelain.

I wanted to share with you, some pictures I’ve been using for inspiration in the design process. I hope you like them, at the bottom of the post you’ll find the photos of my new coral coloured porcelain pieces…

forestForest Image by Autumn Cozy

berries and flowerRed berries by Rory Dexter     Flowers by Kate Osbourne Florals, Sarah Winward

 ThreadsThreads by Tiny Happy

lakesPink lakes by Steve Back

illustration and leaf printIllustration by Eva Juliet               Leaf print by Mariann Johansen Ellis

autumn_001Porcelain petal studs in coral and gold

autumn_013Porcelain tiny leaf studs in coral and gold

autumn_007Porcelain rose studs in coral and gold

Thanks for reading everyone,



Marie Canning image credit: