The wildflower collection

After weeks spent planning, designing and making, my wildflower collection is finally ready to show to you. And with all my excitement I’m giving 10% off all pre orders for this week only. Just enter the code ‘wildflowers’ at the checkout.

WF hairvine 1

I have loved moving into the countryside to Hebden Bridge and feel very at home here. I love being around the plants and animals and taking in the views everyday. Theres nothing like being surrounded by hills to put things into perspective and I’ve found the move very refreshing. My studio is now based in my new home. I loved my group studio ‘Arena Studios’ in Liverpool and the wonderfully talented friends I have there but I’m getting used to working alone and I just take myself and Denny off to the local dog cafe if we get a little lonely! I can enjoy a delicious cappuccino whilst Denny indulges in a pupcake whilst catching up with your lovely emails.

Here’s a selection of my new pieces which I hope you like. As always drop me a message if you have any questions about anything, would be lovely to hear from you. Enjoy!…


WF hairpins 1

Wild rose studs blush

WF halo 7 Rose hairvine 8

WF halo 1

Poppy studs

WF hairvine 4 Sweet pea halo 4

FMN pendant 2

Gyp halo 10 square

Rose hair vine 1

Gyp halo 8

Gyp studs

Peony collection

Rose hairvine 10 square

Gold rose halo 1

Daisy collection

FMN bracelet 1

Gyp halo 6

WF pendant 1

Blush and gold rose studs

All credits to: On Love and Photography, Nicola Jewsbury hair and makeup, Abigail from La Moda Models.