about marie canning


Marie Canning creates handcrafted porcelain jewellery and bridal accessories for those who adore the natural world. From her tiniest elderflower to her ever so sweet swallows, each piece is handmade by Marie in her studio in Hebden Bridge which overlooks the Yorkshire hills, a constant and ever changing source of inspiration.

Through her love of florals, animals and a respect for nature, the making process is filled with joy. Much heart and soul is evident in her work which she hopes transfers to you, the wearer.

Marie wants to share her love for her craft and the serenity it brings through her new workshops in Hebden Bridge and beyond.


My Eco Policy.

Nature provides me with my inspiration. Its only right that I respect it in the best way I can:

  • I keep printing to a minimum and I use recycled material gift boxes, tissue paper and mailing boxes.
  • I plan well to avoid firing the kiln unnecessarily. Its always full!
  • I recycle my porcelain in a way that has no effect on the quality of the finished product.
  • I only order my materials from other British companies andĀ of these I use small independent businesses where possible.
  • I enjoy a vegan diet and provide only vegan food for my workshops.


Photography credits: On Love and Photography