Aimee Bollu: collector, gatherer, hoarder..


The Hoard Aimee Bollu Photographer Yasmin Ensor

Aimee Bollu is a collector, a gatherer, an arranger of the things people have discarded and forgotten. She seeks out objects that have fallen out of use, out of society, and brings them back to life. I have followed Aimee’s work for a couple of years now, since she graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class Honours degree in Decorative Arts. I was firstly drawn to her ceramic colour palette and then the intriguing nature and perplexing personality of her creations. She uses objects we would normally discard and gives them a new life united with her ceramics. Fine handcrafted ceramic vessels meet and collaborate with the seemingly litter of the everyday, becoming something they were never originally destined for.

Aimee Bollu Portrait Photographer Camilla Greenwell      Photographer: Camilla Greenwell

Aimee Bollu - Side Composition - High Res - Photo Courtesy of Terri Ng
Photographer: Terri Ng

Aimee works from her studio in Nottingham creating work for exhibitions throughout the UK and more recently a collaboration with the German Design studio – Studio Oink. I asked Aimee a little about her practice, her values and her inspiration. 

“My studio is in a constant ebb and flow state. I switch between a cluttered, messy space where objects and ideas collide into existence, and then a curated, tidy space. Tidying up, re-organizing and reproaching the things in my studio is part of my process to find the right components that work together to create a cohesive piece and collection. The only consistent in my workplace is the beautiful big window that beams in lots of natural light”.

“The first thing I do when I arrive to my studio is listen to Yancey Boys (Instrumentals) produced by Jay Dee and J Dilla. By the third track I’m focused on the task at hand. I could listen to this album forever”.

Aimee Bollu - Hoard Cup - High Res - Photo Courtesy of Yasmin Ensor

15000073f4b9343d0e29d82b3e8faee8Photography: Yasmin Ensor

“I’m getting lots of press attention at the minute, which is great, and being looked at for Trend Research that feels exciting. I also feel proud to have been selected as a Hothouse member by the Crafts Council; it was a goal of mine to get in for years before I was even eligible to apply so to have seen that through is a massive confidence booster!”

64348eb2e88669bb3a9f647aab78aa71Photography: Aimee Bollu, Yasmin Ensor

“At the centre of my practice is consideration for overlooked materials and objects. My values for my business and for myself are one and the same; personal development, decisiveness, making meaningful work with integrity, and a slice of humour in there too. The pieces I make always have to have a high level of craftsmanship and an acute sense of aesthetic involved”.

“I have always been conscious in my life about the waste I produce, although I feel I could be a lot better at this. I am happy to eat slightly questionable looking food and don’t really throw a lot away. I’m really inspired by the idea of non monetary exchanges and hope to explore this further in the future”.

53c5b722884699cc2ee1c31e26ab4dc0Credits: Aimee Bollu

“The objects that I find are my inspiration, they speak of what the end piece will be. I am still trying to interpret how I get this information from an object, as most people don’t see what I do when I look at the found thing in the first place!”

ff68077a7d8e1f2c0d563fef1f13e7b4Credits: Aimee Bollu

“My advice to other new creative business startups is to get great photographs. I didn’t realise at first that the majority of people who see your work wont be seeing it in real life”.