An introduction to Loupin and Dors


If you’re a little whimsical, free spirited and drift off into your own special world alot, then you are going to love this….

I first came across the very talented Louise of Loupin and Dors via instagram and couldn’t resist her beautiful mixed media collages and drawings. Each one is full of so many different elements which all perfectly merge together and result in you wanting to give it your full attention for a long time. Even on a busy day I’ll always dedicate some time to looking at her regular instagram posts.

After working as a professional stylist for over 8 years, Louise developed a style that has morphed into Loupin & Dors. After the birth of her second child she utilised the time off from work to think of what she wanted to achieve in her work. Through the eyes of her young children, she seemingly developed a naive, childish simplicity to her work and she has been on her creative journey ever since.


“What will I produce today?”

“Seemingly, without plan or reason I produce work from everyday experiences, feelings of the here and now, and all that surrounds me. Always looking at the world with a sense of open-mindedness, I try to tell a story through my work, although it is often a story that not even I know of, until it manifests itself on the page. Still, this naive approach always lends towards an exciting, creative environment, producing a rich seam of storytelling in my work.”


Loupin and Dors enjoys the work of Tim Walker and Natalie Lété, but takes her inspiration from far and wide, her young family close to home, as well as her friends in the local community. In order to create her own style, she has not shied away from those influences on her doorstep.

“Who I am and where I live go into much of what I create.”


“Playing is the real way to work, the longer you have to play, the better.”

Patricia Urquiola.

The core values of Loupin and Dors are naivety, mixed media, simplicity, and creative play. I think those words sum up her collection of works perfectly.

“I hope my work will inspire others and encourage my contemporaries to connect with it positively, and in doing so help them to develop expansive work of their own.”

With an exciting future ahead, Loupin and Dors hopes to develop herself as an artist, continuing her journey with an open mind in order to produce a new, fresh style. She will continue to push her boundaries and ultimately build her skills in an evermore experimental manner to help allow her to adapt and grow.


If you would like to follow Louise’s journey with Loupin and Dors here are the links to her social media pages:

Thank-you to Louise for the beautiful images and words x