an ode to escapism in spring

daffs 3

As I sink deeper and deeper into my imagination, away from the uncertainty of this world..  life and all its meaning is clearer, exciting, magical. Full of spirit and colour. Full of animals allowed to be. A lamb resting upon her mothers back. Birds up above, dancing, joyously flitting through the warm spring skies. Occasional shade brought by the passing clouds. The golden yellow light of the sun, reflecting off the cool river. The pleasant splash of water as it hops over a rock. The rock, so grounded, in absolute harmony with mother nature, allowing the fast pace of life to leap over him as he watches and enjoys every ripple. Happy being a place for the resident heron to stand, while she precariously feeds herself from the abundance within the depth of the fresh river. Her feet cold, gripping upon the smooth rock. And the rock keeps still, he doesn’t dare to move, not even an inch, grounded, stable and supportive. And above and below him life continues as it has and always will do, while the water smoothes his skin and his crystals sparkle in the light.

Sometimes I wonder about the personalities of everything around me, the little lambs leaping like puppies around their tired mothers, the jackdaw pecking frantically at the bird feeder before she’s disturbed, the tiny bug racing away from me as I gently weed. The trees I touch as I pass through the woods, their soft moss. The stones who hold me safely as I cross the river.

When Ted sees a daffodil he tells me “that one’s watching the river” or “that one’s watching the holly tree” or “that one has a friend now”. In his little world the daffodils have identities and their own busy lives unique to one another. As we watch the daffodils for the extraordinary length of time that only a toddler can observe for, mere adults have long since lost that ability to get lost in a flower, I begin to imagine their lives too. Fleeting yearly visits really, a speck of time where they bloom so brightly. Yellow, reminding us that sunshine is on its way. Watching the dog walkers, the bees, enjoying the care of the admiring florist, ending their days under the light of the moon or in the family home, appreciated by all who gather around them at dinner. Before they sink back into the ground and rest until next year.


daffs ted


I made this collection of daffodil wall flowers earlier this year. It seems a shame to waste them now. I have a few letterbox sized boxes they can fit in and suitable stamps and so I’ve just added them to my website should you wish for a little taste of spring upon your walls. As always 10% of all sales will be going to Pesticide Action Network UK.

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