Bluebell inspiration

My favourite time of year is when the bluebells suddenly spring up. I have a memory from when I was little of walking in the woods with my dad, brother and sisters and coming across an opening just full of bluebells. There was a little light streaming through the trees and I remember we stayed there for a while and I felt immersed in the beautiful blue colour. Every year when they flower I think of this happy overwhelming moment. Blue whether its a royal blue, a cornflower blue or a duck egg blue, blue has often featured heavily in my work and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve put together a board full of some bluebell inspiration I’ve been thinking of this week.


I hope you like them and I hope you all find a little forest full of beautiful bluebells soon..

Bluebells and blue


Photography credits: Liesl Cheney Photography, the white pepper, cos stores, Pinterest, On Love and Photography, Marie Canning.

For more bluebell inspired images I have a Pinterest board dedicated to it here: