Despite it all, spring arrives

And so despite it all spring arrives.
And with it blue skies, green grass and delicate blush blossom. The birds chirp well into the evening, frogs cross my path, daffodils cover the verges.
I find myself delighting in it whilst at the same time thinking about the NHS workers. Hoping that they too get a chance to enjoy spring. That it doesn’t pass them by while they work hard to save people. That’s my duality right now. A mix of unabashed joy of being alive in this season of new beginnings. And stomach churning sadness for those working so hard so as many of us as possible can enjoy many more springs.
And isn’t that life. There is no life of pure joy, of absolute perfection. There is always sadness, suffering somewhere close by. Learning to seek and embrace joy, no matter how small has got to be one of humanities greatest struggles. To find the light in the darkest moments. And if you get that far, then learning to let go of guilt when you feel happy whilst the rest of the world appears to be in pain.
And its so important as without that ability you will follow the rest of the crowd straight down the dark rabbit hole. But if you keep your head, or even just the tip of your nose in the light, you’ll be able to navigate this time in thoughtfulness for others. If you are strong you will be strong for others. You’ll find energy you didn’t realise you had to give to animals and humans in need. The world doesn’t need us to just sit this out, to wait till we can get back out no different then we were a month ago. It needs us to look at ourselves and how we can come out of this remembering who we really are. Remembering that under all the nonsense we have been surrounded with our whole lives that really we are loving and giving beings and nothing else matters. That taking care of our own family is not enough anymore. That we need to take responsibility for other people’s families, for animals, and for the planet. And this doesn’t have to be in the form of big financial gestures, it may be or it might be planting flowers for the bugs and bees, composting your veg scraps, eating less or no meat and dairy, offering help to elderly neighbours, ringing a struggling friend, the list could go on and on.
Spring is a season of new beginnings, a chance to look inwards and a chance to appreciate. An opportunity to clear out the old and embrace the new. If you can just keep looking up to the light.
Today I’ve had some precious hours to make. And I’ve re stocked my online shop with my porcelain daffodil wall flowers. Thank-you for all your orders so far for these and my animal studs. You might have seen in my stories it’s enabled me to make donations to 2 nature supporting charities as 10% of the sales are donated. So thank-you for giving me the opportunity to do a job I love and the opportunity to donate money to help our planet and its inhabitants.
Thanks for reading,