DIY Wedding Ideas

I began planning my wedding this time last year and I was always thinking about how I could do something myself in order to keep to our budget as well as wanting to make our wedding day as personal as we could despite having a big guest list. Of course I wish I’d been more organised about it and began the decorations earlier on so that we could have done more ourselves but time ticks away so fast before you know it you’ve a matter of weeks to go!

There are so many things you can make yourself for your wedding and the web is full of thousands of them. My advice would be to just pick a small handful that you really like, that you think you’ll be able to do, and that you think you have the time to do. Have a short list of essential ones you’d like to make, and another list of ones you’d like to make if you have the extra time.

I’ve had a gander and picked a few of my favourite handmade wedding ideas and I’ve popped in some of the things I made for our wedding..


Retro Typewriter

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Invites. We decided to just write little letters to our guests to invite them to our wedding. We bought some nice paper from an art shop and wrote our letters. On the bottom of each letter we had brief wedding details printed from our computer (location, times etc) and the rest of the space we wrote a personal message to each guest. It was time consuming but made it very personal.

ceramic hanging pots

 Image by Giulia Zonza

I did admittedly leave it quite late to do my wedding decorations as I had such a busy summer in the studio but I did have time to make these ceramic hanging pots. I used terracotta clay and porcelain and made them on the pottery wheel. I glazed them with a thick white tin glaze and a sky blue stoneware glaze. I wrapped strong string around them and hung them from nails on the outside of our barn. I filled them with little plants I bought from a local garden centre. I loved them and they were all taken home by the bridesmaids!

If you’re not able to make the ceramic version though you could have a go at this gorgeous glass version:


Hanging flower jars

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We really wanted to keep our decorations quite simple and to concentrate on having plenty of flowers. My dad sourced plenty of glass vases from charity shops and we filled them full with flowers my dad grew on his allotment and extras we got from a flower market early one morning. I love this idea of having the jars filled with flowers hanging with strong string creating a very pretty wall decoration.

Wedding favour ideas

Image by Giulia Zonza

 Favours. For our wedding favours I wanted to give everyone a little bunch of our flowers from the day. I made these tiny porcelain name tags so that the favours doubled as place settings. They measured around 2cm in length and had each persons name stamped into them with little dots of colour dropped onto them. I used some thread to wrap them around the little bunch of flowers. This could be replicated using a paper or card version of a name tag and you could use any colour you liked, hand write them or type them.

diy Tablerunner

Image by Giulia Zonza

Tablerunners. We spent ages researching tablecloths! It was going to cost a lot to buy enough and similar to hire them. Luckily my clever friend suggested just using the thick paper ones which were a fraction of the price. We bought ours from Wilkinsons. So to liven up our tables I decided to make some table runners which wasn’t as time consuming as you’d think. We went to Abakhans Fabric house in Liverpool and chose some striped French style fabric. I worked out the dimensions we’d need, cut the fabric up, then hemmed the edges on my sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine you could just use pinking sheers. This is also a job that if you cut the sizes up you could maybe hand them over to a family member or friend to hem for you. They looked very pretty with our flowers on top and the little porcelain tags at each persons seat.

diy Buttonholes

Image from: DIY herbal bouttonnieres.

 Buttonholes. We made our buttonholes ourselves. We made tiny bunches of flowers and wrapped bakers twine around the stems and used pins to pop them into place on the ushers jackets. It worked really well. We made them the day before the wedding and just sprayed them with water a couple of times before they were worn. I came across these gorgeous ones pictured above which would be lovely to make. I love herbs and lavender and it would be nice to smell them all day! These would hold really well too as the stems are so sturdy.

wedding bouquet ideas

Image by Giulia Zonza

Bouquet. I wanted a small wedding bouquet. The day before the wedding my two sisters made mine and the bridesmaids bouquets. We had all the flowers we had laid out on a table and they just made them up how they liked. Out of the 9 they made I chose this one which had tiny daisies, gypsophila and purple heather in it. They were all similar sizes with slightly different flowers and layout. They wrapped the stems in the bakers twine and we kept them in a bucket of water overnight and they were perfect the next day.
floral arch

Image by Giulia Zonza

Entrance. I bought some thick garden wire from B&Q and we (my sisters again!) made this archway to the wedding barn the day before. We nailed a garden trellis to each side then used the wire across the top. Then we wound the greenery around the trellises and the wire before popping in the flowers into any gaps. We sprayed it with water and it survived with only slight drooping of some of the sunflowers for the next day.
 origami bird decorations
Image from:
I wish I’d come across these gorgeous origami birds before my wedding…I really really would have put in the many hours needed to make hundreds of them! I love origami and once you’ve got the pattern right (and the web is full of online tutorials) then the only equipment you need is paper. This is a job to get everyone involved in. Teach all your bridemaids and family and you could have hundreds of them before you know it!
porcelain Tea lights
Image by Giulia Zonza
I also had time to make these little porcelain tea lights with gold plated wire handles. Surprisingly we didn’t need that many to give a lovely light. We placed them on a shelves either side to our entrance outside the barn. I think I had 8 each side and they looked really pretty at night. Candlelight if your venue allows really gives a more romantic, magical light and tea lights are so easy to come by and don’t need any electrical supply!
homemade Perfume
Extras. When you were younger, did you used to collect lots of petals and make your own perfume? I did and I loved doing it and thinking about it makes me feel very nostalgic. I thought it would be such a lovely idea to make your own perfume for the wedding.The internet is full of different recipes and you could make it as complicated or as easy as you liked. You could place jars of it in the bathrooms, maybe even a more herby scented one for the gents! If you really had plenty of time you could make lots of tiny jars of it up as wedding favours. But I do remember it lasts only a week or so, so its probably a job to do closer to the wedding date but wouldn’t it just be the loveliest extra ever!
wedding cake ideas
Image by Giulia Zonza
And so I’ve saved the best till last. The Cake! My sisters…again…decided that they wanted to make our wedding cake and I was all for it. After a lot of trial and error (or so I hear) they made a 3 tiered wedding cake all by themselves. They made 100 tiny icing daisies too which they covered the cake in and each layer was a different flavour. My favourite cake when we were growing up (and still is) was angel cake. The top layer was a delicious angel cake. I saw it for the first time on the wedding day and I had no idea what they were making. We loved it!