Floral inspiration at Chatsworth House

I am often asked how I keep motivated and how I ensure a constant stream of new ideas. Like so many makers I need to regularly soak in new visual information in order to keep my imagination well fed. If I neglect this my body soon tells me by giving me huge cravings to get out and seek out something new.

After a very busy first 6 months of the year making-emailing-more making I had certainly neglected my imagination and sure enough I couldn’t focus properly until I had done some new exploring. So I took the opportunity to head to of of my favourite places – Chatsworth House in the Peak District. I arrived first thing on a Sunday morning, so the gardens were so quiet and I could wonder around admiring the selection of plants and explore the greenhouse at ease. A wave of excitement hit me when I spotted a violet passionflower and I felt my need for inspiration being satisfied. I thought I’d share some of the photos of my favourites with you…




glasshouse border

border 4




3 images

tall flowers

set of three

rose wall


¬†Thanks for reading and do send me in any pics of flowers you find that you think I’ll like,