Josie jenkins

Boxing-Day-Josie-Jenkinsfrozen-beachLandscape with chimney in the snowSnow on the LineTrees-in-the-Snow


Beautiful landscape paintings by Josie Jenkins. Winner of the 2013 Valerie Sykes award, Josie is one of the directors of the studio I work in and I’ve admired her work since I joined two years ago. I couldn’t believe my luck when she gave me one as a wedding gift last year..I am a very lucky lady indeed!

This beautiful quote from Robin Brown from Sevenstreets sums these beautiful paintings up nicely;

“There are few things that have the pathos of entropy – the force of nature that inevitably erodes human endeavours. Think of crumbling ruins, abandoned factories and the careers of various Atomic Kittens. Josie Jenkins’ landscapes explore the dichotomy of these spaces; the peculiar edgelands that mark the boundaries between the city and the countryside, between man and nature.”


Josie Jenkins: