my top picks of the week

By the end of the week I always notice that the desktop of my laptop is covered in photos and saved websites of all sorts of things that I’ve seen, loved and appreciated. So I thought it would be nice to pick some and share them with you. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 (forgive me…one of them is shamelessly mine!) and I hope you enjoy them…

First up is Caitlin Shearer, a painter and textile designer based in Sydney.

Caitlin Shearer

I found her work via my favourite magazine, ‘Frankie’ as she has recently done the illustration for their front cover. Her illustrations and paintings are beautifully real and sweet. It makes me miss my life drawing classes from college and I wish I could paint like this!


My second pick is my studio neighbour ‘Illustration by Lucy E Wilson Design

Lucy Illustrates

Lucy’s work evolves around contemporary illustrative design that still grasps themes and techniques from the traditional. I think I could be Lucy’s biggest fan and she never makes something that I don’t want to buy! Which is bad when you are next door to her! I’ve recently bought this print and it looks perfect in a black wooden frame in our bathroom.


Thirdly is Chiara Scarpitti an Italian jewellery designer

chiara scarpitti

This collection of jewellery is inspired by ancient images of flora and fauna. I came across these intriguing pieces as they are currently being exhibited at a beautiful gallery in Venice called ‘Oh My Blue’ love to follow the exhibitions at this gallery, its a great way to see whats happening in Europe and the standard is so high.


Fourth choice of the week is one of my wall pieces,

Porcelain wall piece

  Photo by Tony Richards.

As I’m sure many of us do in January, I’ve had a major clear out of my home and studio. I’ve been meaning to put up so many things I’ve bought over the years and I’ve finally got round to it. So my house walls are now full of beautiful paintings, prints and my porcelain wall pieces plan to make more of these this year..I’m going to need more walls!!


And finally a beautiful one to finish on…the exquisite work of Emily Notman,

Emily Notman

Emily Notman

Working from her studio at Unit Twelve Gallery Emily creates bespoke textile installations mixing media and building up tactile delicate surfaces. I met Emily a couple of years ago doing craft shows and instantly loved her work, luckily for me she likes my work too so we do the most wonderful swaps!! And for my last swap I got one of her wall pieces..I am thrilled with it, and every time I pass it, I notice something new.


Thank-you for reading, wishing you all a wonderful weekend x x