The wildflower collection

After weeks spent planning, designing and making, my wildflower collection is finally ready to show to you. And with all my excitement I’m giving 10% off all pre orders for this week only. Just enter the code ‘wildflowers’ at the checkout.

WF hairvine 1

I have loved moving into the countryside to Hebden Bridge and feel very at home here. I love being around the plants and animals and taking in the views everyday. Theres nothing like being surrounded by hills to put things into perspective and I’ve found the move very refreshing. My studio is now based in my new home. I loved my group studio ‘Arena Studios’ in Liverpool and the wonderfully talented friends I have there but I’m getting used to working alone and I just take myself and Denny off to the local dog cafe if we get a little lonely! I can enjoy a delicious cappuccino whilst Denny indulges in a pupcake whilst catching up with your lovely emails.

Here’s a selection of my new pieces which I hope you like. As always drop me a message if you have any questions about anything, would be lovely to hear from you. Enjoy!…


WF hairpins 1

Wild rose studs blush

WF halo 7 Rose hairvine 8

WF halo 1

Poppy studs

WF hairvine 4 Sweet pea halo 4

FMN pendant 2

Gyp halo 10 square

Rose hair vine 1

Gyp halo 8

Gyp studs

Peony collection

Rose hairvine 10 square

Gold rose halo 1

Daisy collection

FMN bracelet 1

Gyp halo 6

WF pendant 1

Blush and gold rose studs

All credits to: On Love and Photography, Nicola Jewsbury hair and makeup, Abigail from La Moda Models.


Rich coral and gold on crisp white porcelain.

I have some new pieces to share with you this week. Inspired by the rich carpet of fallen autumn leaves that cover my nearby park every morning, I have started using a rich coral glaze, teamed with drops of gold lustre. The rich colour teams beautifully with the crisp white porcelain.

I wanted to share with you, some pictures I’ve been using for inspiration in the design process. I hope you like them, at the bottom of the post you’ll find the photos of my new coral coloured porcelain pieces…

forestForest Image by Autumn Cozy

berries and flowerRed berries by Rory Dexter     Flowers by Kate Osbourne Florals, Sarah Winward

 ThreadsThreads by Tiny Happy

lakesPink lakes by Steve Back

illustration and leaf printIllustration by Eva Juliet               Leaf print by Mariann Johansen Ellis

autumn_001Porcelain petal studs in coral and gold

autumn_013Porcelain tiny leaf studs in coral and gold

autumn_007Porcelain rose studs in coral and gold

Thanks for reading everyone,



Marie Canning image credit:

beautiful winter brides to be

Just in time for autumn and winter brides-to-be I have made some new halos and the prettiest jewellery to go along with them. Expect crisp white chiffon, gold porcelain leaves and violet roses. Also don’t miss a look at my new rich coral and gold jewellery pieces and the daintiest violet leaf bracelet! Too much to fit into one post but visit my shop for more details on each’s a little taster…



snow white flower halo









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Hillary Fayle

Hillary Fayle

Hillary Fayle studied embroidery in Manchester for a semester in 2009 whilst in college in the US. Hillary was completely enthralled with the embroidery techniques and processes she had learned and been immersed in. Following this she had a summer job at an environmental summer camp which she had been attending since a child. It was this place that really cemented her love for nature and the outdoors. Hillary describes this experience as one of the most influential events in shaping who she has become today as an adult and an artist.

“I had a few hours off one afternoon, and I kept looking up at this magnificent Oak tree above me, wondering if I might be able to use my needle skills somehow to sew leaves together. I tried it, and it worked, not incredibly well, at first, but it worked, and that was the beginning”.


Starting her mornings beautifully, with a French press full of black coffee she sits on her porch with all her plants and her cat while she drinks it. Sometimes she runs in the morning before the Richmond afternoon heat arrives. Working from home she ensures her workspace and the area around her is tidy and set up for a productive day.

Hillary is inspired by everything around her; the fine details, a particularly well painted house, things in decay, hand painted signs, architecture, typography, pattern, boats, plants, feathers, forests, birds, gardens, the natural world in general. She also loves block prints and of course textiles and embroidery. The way she thinks and makes art mirrors the way she walks through the world,

“By combining material from the natural world and the rich traditions of embroidery, I symbolically bind nature and the human touch”.

Through her gentle but intricate stitch work, she is concerned with expressing the idea that our relationship with the natural world is both tenuously fragile and infinitely complex. In choosing her leaves she is aware of the potential of causing untold damage to a precariously balanced, natural infrastructure. She chooses to work within the parameters of that infrastructure, instead of imposing her own.


Alongside being inspired by artists such as Nancy Blum and Jack Wax, Piper Shephards and Motoi Yamamoto, Hillary takes inspiration from the way artists practice. She is moved by the way they keep their studio, respecting their discipline and motivation. She respects artists who embrace their studio the way they live their lives, with all the same values and considerations.

Hillary’s advice to emerging artists and makers is inspiring. She tells us to do what you love and do a lot of it;

“Work hard and seek out opportunities, don’t wait for them to come your way. Remember to be grateful to the people around you who support you and try to focus on the positive things in your life and in your work”.

In the future Hillary is looking forwards to spending more time in her studio making new pieces and is really excited to be able to pour herself into her work. Hillary says she would love to come back to do a show in Manchester and to see the city again and I can only hope that she does as I would be the first on the doorstep waiting to be let in!






Thanks to Hillary for the beautiful images and for sharing her work with us and thank-you for reading,

Marie x









a gorgeous summer sale..

I can’t quite believe it but I’m already working on my Autumn-winter collection..there’s a few finishing touches to be done and it will be ready in my lovely stockists by October. So it seemed like the perfect time for a summer sale – also I know I haven’t had one for ages so it is definately overdue!

Group sale 2

I’ve carefully put together a pretty lovely selection of earrings, brooches and pendants which I love but need to find new homes to make way for new pieces. They are all around 50% reduced and are without a postage fee…there’s only 1 – 2 of each available so once they’re gone…they’re gone! I hope you like the photos too – they have been taken by my new Dutch friend ‘Ted Oonk’ who has recently joined our studio in Liverpool…she’s pretty great.

I hope you like the collection and as always drop me any questions you may have..heres a few photos of the collection…

Blue gold BC studs

Oval brooch

Petal studs lemon

LFB blue

Sale pendants

Blue twig brooch

LFB yellow gold

Blue rose brooch

LFB peach gold

Green rose studs


Thanks for reading and wishing everyone a wonderful week, if you’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures then please do share using this link:

Marie x


Your wedding guests


There must be so many weddings happening this weekend and so many coming up over the next few weeks. This time last year we were planning ours and what was most important to us was hoping that our guests had an amazing day. You worry so much about so many things leading up to the day and we realised that as long as our guests were fed and watered that we didn’t have to do much more. I think and I hope our friends and family had a great time at our wedding…our photos certainly show that they did – I loved looking through our wedding snaps and seeing so many laughing, happy people enjoying themselves.

So heres a few photos for my wonderful friends and family who made our day one which was full to the brim of fun and laughter…

wedding laughs 1

Wedding laughs 2

Have a great weekend everyone,

Marie x

Wonderful photos by



Fragile? Contemporary Ceramics at National Museum Wales

“an air of robustness and strength is very prejudicial to beauty. An appearance of delicacy, and even of fragility, is almost essential to it”

Edmund Burke (1756)

Visiting a friend in Cardiff this weekend, I took advantage of the opportunity to see the contemporary ceramics exhibition at the national museum of wales. the exhibition features some of my all time ceramic heros and I was pretty excited about seeing their work. I was definately not disappointed and it’s made me remember how special my material of choice is, clay, and its incredible potential to create the most wondrous and thoughtful of things. I hope you get to visit it too, in the meantime heres a few of my favourites….


phoebe cummings, raw modelled clay.

I’ve followed Phoebe cumming’s career since her residency at the V&A, London a few years ago. She creates an imagined world of raw modelled clay. She constructs her pieces on site as temporary installations. This installation is a small room she has built which you walk through to see her tiny and seemingly delicate creations up close. I was in awe at how the unfired clay had managed to survive so many visitors. Above your head was also a collection of leaf like structures which somehow manage to stay there unspoilt. Heres a link to a video I took… Phoebe Cummings


Claire Curneen, ‘in the tradition of smiling angels’ (2007)

I was really excited to see Claire Curneen’s sculpture as when I was a student she very kindly let me visit her studio in Cardiff.  I was able to see some of her pieces in progress and to get a glimpse into her fascinating process. I was very inspired by her at this time and still am today, she spoke of the importance of meaning to her work and made me reevaluate how I approached my own projects. She made me not want to follow the crowd and to create something from the soul. She creates sculptures of angels inspired by the saints of Christianity,

“Angels as the heavenly bringers of news are made of commonplace terracotta, yet are dripping with gold which signifies high value and status’.

Anne-gibbsAnne Gibbs, ‘shift’, (2013-2014)

Anne Gibbs uses bone china, silk thread, pins and wire to create this intriguing arrangement of mixed materials.The ceramic pieces are slip cast from found objects, some resemble body parts. She was fascinated with the sensory qualities of materials, colour and texture. I really enjoyed the way the pieces all sat together and the mix of forms and surfaces as well as the colour mix. It made me remember fondly times at University when you had lots of experimentation time and you would end up with rows of little test pieces to evaluate. Heres a video of the full piece: Anne Gibbs


Edmund de waal, ‘porcelain wall’, (2005 and 2007)

Also having followed the work of ceramic master edmund de waal since university, I couldn’t believe my luck that I was able to see his work having only ever seen it in pictures. I stood in awe for a good amount of time trying to take in the numerous shades and forms of each of his wheel thrown vessels. I have recently watched the BBC program ‘what do artists do all day’ featuring De Waal so I truly felt like I was in the presence of something special. The time, skill and attention to colour blew me away. I felt like I couldn’t quite acknowledge all the pastel shades, like there were more there than my eyes could register. A little video here for you too: Edmund de waal


various manufacturers, wales, ‘twenty-four bricks’, 19th and 20th centuries

Who knew how fascinating bricks could be! this collection of various bricks of differing clays stood out beautifully against the white walls of the gallery. As one who is a little obsessed with clay does..I’ve read into the making of bricks over the years and the technical process and hurdles are really quite incredible, so its hard to view them as simple objects now. It gives an insight into the variety of clay available and the various colours different clays produce when fired.

S pottersstaffordshire, manufacturers unknown. (1840-1900)

These ceramic figures were popular in the Victorian era to decorate ordinary homes. Subjects often included royalty, soldiers and criminals. a row of the figures lined the stairs within the exhibition and they really are a very sweet collection and in such good condition. It reminded me of my own growing collection of craft objects I have at home which are filling my shelves. I love to collect pieces from different independent makers and each one tells a different story to me each time I look at it. I hope one day that my house looks like a treasure trove of interesting finds, my own little inspiring place.


Clare Twomey © Andy Paradise
Clare twomey is a fascinating artist who uses ceramics in a way that engages with her audience in the most direct manner. In this installation she encourages you to walk across and break a sea of bone china tiles. When I arrived they were all shattered and only crumbs of ceramic remained but I still loved my direct involvement and participation in her installation. The installation becomes one owned by everyone who walks over it rather than who just made the tiles.


Halim al-karim, ‘soul archive’, (1982-91)

A difficult one to show by photograph but too beautiful a story to miss out, Iraqi artist halim al-karim created 9 notebooks during the saddam hussein regime which included comments on the political situation. In 1991, halim managed to flee baghdad with his family but decided to destroy his notebooks in order to “protect his testimony”. He covered each notebook with liquid clay and fired them in a kiln he constructed. Now no agent of Iraqi or other government could alter their contents or his memories.



An introduction to Loupin and Dors


If you’re a little whimsical, free spirited and drift off into your own special world alot, then you are going to love this….

I first came across the very talented Louise of Loupin and Dors via instagram and couldn’t resist her beautiful mixed media collages and drawings. Each one is full of so many different elements which all perfectly merge together and result in you wanting to give it your full attention for a long time. Even on a busy day I’ll always dedicate some time to looking at her regular instagram posts.

After working as a professional stylist for over 8 years, Louise developed a style that has morphed into Loupin & Dors. After the birth of her second child she utilised the time off from work to think of what she wanted to achieve in her work. Through the eyes of her young children, she seemingly developed a naive, childish simplicity to her work and she has been on her creative journey ever since.


“What will I produce today?”

“Seemingly, without plan or reason I produce work from everyday experiences, feelings of the here and now, and all that surrounds me. Always looking at the world with a sense of open-mindedness, I try to tell a story through my work, although it is often a story that not even I know of, until it manifests itself on the page. Still, this naive approach always lends towards an exciting, creative environment, producing a rich seam of storytelling in my work.”


Loupin and Dors enjoys the work of Tim Walker and Natalie Lété, but takes her inspiration from far and wide, her young family close to home, as well as her friends in the local community. In order to create her own style, she has not shied away from those influences on her doorstep.

“Who I am and where I live go into much of what I create.”


“Playing is the real way to work, the longer you have to play, the better.”

Patricia Urquiola.

The core values of Loupin and Dors are naivety, mixed media, simplicity, and creative play. I think those words sum up her collection of works perfectly.

“I hope my work will inspire others and encourage my contemporaries to connect with it positively, and in doing so help them to develop expansive work of their own.”

With an exciting future ahead, Loupin and Dors hopes to develop herself as an artist, continuing her journey with an open mind in order to produce a new, fresh style. She will continue to push her boundaries and ultimately build her skills in an evermore experimental manner to help allow her to adapt and grow.


If you would like to follow Louise’s journey with Loupin and Dors here are the links to her social media pages:

Thank-you to Louise for the beautiful images and words x

The beautiful world of caitlin shearer


“If I had my way I would move to the mountains tomorrow, buy a pet goat, and spend all my days painting pictures in a glass walled sunroom.”

NET bathtub

Australian Caitlin Shearer is a very special and extremely talented artist. She paints, produces illustrations, dresses and is now working on a new textile label. I first came across her work via the gorgeous Frankie Magazine; my favourite magazine of all time and Caitlin has produced illustrations for it.

I follow Caitlin on instagram and I love her dreamy lifestyle which fits in so well with her brand as an artist. There’s often photos of her in gorgeous 50s style dresses picking flowers and walking through the Australian countryside. That imagery seems so normal, non-glamorous but somehow she portrays a sense of contentment, nostalgia and an understanding of the beauty of what is around us in our everyday lives. You don’t need to look for the extra ordinary – it is all around you and within you, all you need to do is notice it.

bonjourtristesse net



 “I’ve fallen in love with tending to a garden – last week some small tomatoes shot up out of nowhere and now pumpkin vines stretch across half the courtyard. I think this is a good lesson – to know how to care for something without asking anything in return. Patience is a virtue”.

earth net  light4 net

Caitlin describes her work as an exploration of feminity and nostalgia. She is inspired by plants and the beauty in nature as well as artists such as JW Waterhouse, Sylvia Plath, Yayoi Kusama and Matisse. Her recent series of work, the ‘Reproduction’ series is a favourite of hers, marking a milestone in terms of returning to drawing as a tool of recording, as well as in terms of visually seeing an important shift in the maturity and direction of her work.

For Caitlin, heartfelt honesty is above all, the core value of her work. It is an exploration of femininity that feels succinct and aligns with her own experience of life. One that portrays women in a light that she would be proud to take ownership of.

il_430xN.59883864il_570xN.177294315net beach

Living in the Blue Mountains her days are spent exploring the copious gardens, parks and lush tree lined neighbourhoods with her friends and their cameras. She takes enormous inspiration from surroundings as well as from her dreams.

“The fresh mountain air, the autumnal hues which are prevalent at this time of year, the relaxed pace at which one can conduct life, and the birds that fill the trees”.

Caitlin shearer

IMG_2796 1

Currently, Caitlin is working on a new textile label which I can’t wait to see. I can only imagine how dreamy and inspirational it will be. Until then I will wait with enormous anticipation and this alluring description of what is to come,

“Movement, grey scale, bending backwards, dancers, Martha Graham, nude bodies, charcoal texture”


To follow Caitlin her instagram is:

And her blog is:


Cicily Bridal

Pretty excited and have held it in for weeks but today a collection of my jewellery and hair accessories carefully curated and chosen by Cicily bridal, arrives at their beautiful bridal boutique!


I met Lisa and Victoria who own Cicily bridal a few weeks ago at their beautiful boutique. I was blown away by the array of gorgeous gowns and instantly felt welcomed with their down to earth attitude. They stock amazing designers such as stylish Charlie Brear and perfect blush gowns by Naomi Neoh.

They have chosen a lovely collection; porcelain roses and blush hydrangea pieces with petal studs with drops of peach and gold being the favourites. Heres a few images of what is now available at Cicily bridal:


ivory rose pendant

blush hydrangea flower crown

Halo porcelain head piece

ivory rose studs


Ivory gold halo 2. 72dpi


To arrange an appointment to view my collection at Cicily bridal, please contact Lisa and Victoria here: