Porcelain nature vessel workshops


This year I am now offering craft workshops from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Join me for a day of creating, eating, drinking and relaxing at my hillside home.

Arrive at 11 am where we will begin with fresh coffee and pots of tea. After a quick demo we will begin the first stage of making our vessels from some beautifully smooth porcelain clay. They will need some time to dry before our next stage so thats when we will tuck into lunch, closely followed by cake.

all the food served is vegan and nutritious but totally delicious and homemade. here’s an example of the menu:

  • kale, sun-dried tomato, glazed carrot and hummus sandwiches.
  • almond and lemon pesto with rocket sandwiches.
  • carrot and walnut salad.
  • cauliflower and olive salad.
  • tahini and pea hummus.
  • mint chocolate cake.
  • banana cream pie.
  • peanut butter and chocolate fudge.

the menu can be made completely nut-free and gluten free options are available at your request. any other dietary requirements can also be accommodated.

delicious fresh coffee, a selection of teas and fresh lemon water are served throughout the day.


Once our bellies are happy we will delve into the next exciting stage of decorating our little vessels by pressing fresh flowers into them and etching into the porcelain with small tools. Then we’ll add drops of colour and glaze ready for them all to be fired in my kiln then posted to you at a later date.


We’ll finish the day with a glass of something delicious and the opportunity to style and photograph your creations so they are pinterest worthy! We’ll finish around 3pm.

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