The beautiful world of caitlin shearer


“If I had my way I would move to the mountains tomorrow, buy a pet goat, and spend all my days painting pictures in a glass walled sunroom.”

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Australian Caitlin Shearer is a very special and extremely talented artist. She paints, produces illustrations, dresses and is now working on a new textile label. I first came across her work via the gorgeous Frankie Magazine; my favourite magazine of all time and Caitlin has produced illustrations for it.

I follow Caitlin on instagram and I love her dreamy lifestyle which fits in so well with her brand as an artist. There’s often photos of her in gorgeous 50s style dresses picking flowers and walking through the Australian countryside. That imagery seems so normal, non-glamorous but somehow she portrays a sense of contentment, nostalgia and an understanding of the beauty of what is around us in our everyday lives. You don’t need to look for the extra ordinary – it is all around you and within you, all you need to do is notice it.

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 “I’ve fallen in love with tending to a garden – last week some small tomatoes shot up out of nowhere and now pumpkin vines stretch across half the courtyard. I think this is a good lesson – to know how to care for something without asking anything in return. Patience is a virtue”.

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Caitlin describes her work as an exploration of feminity and nostalgia. She is inspired by plants and the beauty in nature as well as artists such as JW Waterhouse, Sylvia Plath, Yayoi Kusama and Matisse. Her recent series of work, the ‘Reproduction’ series is a favourite of hers, marking a milestone in terms of returning to drawing as a tool of recording, as well as in terms of visually seeing an important shift in the maturity and direction of her work.

For Caitlin, heartfelt honesty is above all, the core value of her work. It is an exploration of femininity that feels succinct and aligns with her own experience of life. One that portrays women in a light that she would be proud to take ownership of.

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Living in the Blue Mountains her days are spent exploring the copious gardens, parks and lush tree lined neighbourhoods with her friends and their cameras. She takes enormous inspiration from surroundings as well as from her dreams.

“The fresh mountain air, the autumnal hues which are prevalent at this time of year, the relaxed pace at which one can conduct life, and the birds that fill the trees”.

Caitlin shearer

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Currently, Caitlin is working on a new textile label which I can’t wait to see. I can only imagine how dreamy and inspirational it will be. Until then I will wait with enormous anticipation and this alluring description of what is to come,

“Movement, grey scale, bending backwards, dancers, Martha Graham, nude bodies, charcoal texture”


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