Why I’m leaving Instagram and Facebook..

Flower pattern bar

I’ve decided to leave instagram and Facebook.

And I’m very excited about it!

I haven’t been very active on the instagram grid since our house move in Spring this year as I am patiently awaiting my new workspace to be completed. I have been gratefully sending out orders from the pieces I made before we moved but naturally have had other things on my mind and I’ve let my carefully curated grid go..

More recently with the extra time I’ve had to ponder on these things I’ve wondered that although instagram is such a visual experience, the fast pace and addictive qualities of it are no longer aligning with me and the good isn’t outweighing the bad. It seems to zap my energy rather than provide me with much, and because of that I end up not giving the focus t0 other methods of connecting with the world offer – like blogging, newsletters or pinning.

I’ve noticed through my instagram insights that when I post about a new blog post I get so many more clicks to my website to read it than I do with any other posts, which leads me to think maybe people actually might like what I write. I just want to make and write and I’m excited for the headspace that will come from letting instagram and Facebook go.

No more waiting on likes, getting caught up in echo chambers and worrying about what others might think of my every instagram move.(even though yes, I know, very few people actually do that!).

keep in touch

I am in no way saying you should leave too..

Perhaps you are able to maintain a healthy relationship with instagram and your business/personal life gains from it – brill!

For me though, it is just another outlet for my people pleasing tendencies and doesn’t give me the freedom I need and want to create effectively.


What do I want then?..

Some thoughts I’ve had about what I really want (a question we don’t ask ourselves enough)

  • I long to connect through my craft with like minded souls and I can do that best through the freedom of my personal space which when online is my blog and newsletter.
  • We’ve moved to a little house in the woods, down a muddy track above a rushing river. I want to spend more time off the paths, amongst the trees, watching the tiny birds so busy.
  • When I’m with my little family of 3 (husband, 4 year old and dog) I really want to just *be* with them.
  • I want to meet with good friends for cold swims or hot coffees, chat and cake; my dear old friends who are spread out around the country and my newer local mum friends who help me navigate this parenting chaos.
  • I want to have my hands in clay or typing to you here or holding a well used paintbrush.
  • I want to read books, poetry and blogs/newsletters from other creatives and thinkers of the world.
  • I want a free mind, one that’s mine only, and to let the noise go.

So I hope you will keep in touch,

I’m excited for what’s next,



P.S just sharing 2 videos that kind of cemented my decision, in case they are useful for you too..

  1. Google – Cal Newport ‘Why you should quit social media’ Ted talk.
  2. http://majikmedia.com/booby-trap/