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a mother pig and her piglet animal earrings £15

Reduced to £15 from £32.

Handmade dainty and cute, pig and her piglet animal earrings, made from exquisite porcelain clay.

Perfect for the nature and animal lover as a vegan gift.

I have a real soft spot for pigs. They are so playful and intelligent. They love swimming and they sing to their piglets when nursing! Adorable.

Here's my mother pig and piglet earrings. Handmade with a lightly stained blush porcelain.
Mother pig and her piglet are matt blush with little gold eyes.

  • Size - the mother pig is approximately 1cm in width.
  • Gift-boxed and wrapped in tissue paper.
  • Materials - recycled porcelain and sterling silver.
  • Delivery - 2 weeks to uk mainland, 3 - 4 weeks worldwide.
  • The gift box and packaging are made from recycled materials.





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