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a mother Sheep and her lamb animal earrings now £15

Were £32, now £15.

Handmade dainty and cute, mother and lamb animal earrings, made from exquisite porcelain clay.

Perfect for the nature and animal lover as a vegan gift.

I love watching Spring lambs play with their friends, leaping, climbing and running around the fields. Lambs have a very affectionate relationship with their mothers, preferring to stay close. When allowed a natural life, sheep will stay amongst their family for life and are hugely family orientated animals.
This Spring I saw a little lamb sleeping on their mothers back, that adorableness is etched in my heart.

Here's my mother sheep and lamb earrings. Decorated with a translucent glaze and very fine gold details.

Size - the mother sheep is approximately 1cm in width.

  • Gift-boxed and wrapped in tissue paper.
  • Materials - recycled porcelain and sterling silver.
  • Delivery - 2 weeks to uk mainland, 3 - 4 weeks worldwide.
  • The gift box and packaging are made from recycled materials.





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