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Rainbow and cloud, nature earrings £25

Handmade pastel rainbow and cloud, nature inspired earrings made from exquisite porcelain clay.

Celebrating the stories nature so eloquently tells us with these rainbow and cloud earrings. Nature tells us that no matter how cloudy the sky is, the sun is always there, just hidden for a little while, ever present ever glowing.
And sometimes after the rain, when she appears with such urgency, she brings along a beautiful rainbow with her.
Bright, colourful magic in our sky.

My porcelain rainbow is decorated with a violet, lemon and blush glaze. The softly sanded cloud has a tiny sunshine peeking out.

  • size: approximately 1cm each in width.
  • gift boxed and wrapped in tissue paper.
  • materials: recycled porcelain and sterling silver earring backs.
  • delivery to uk mainland in 2 weeks, overseas in 3 weeks.



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