Nature and animal inspired ceramics for sensitive souls.

I am Marie Canning.

Maker, mother, animal, earthly elements, air, water, star dust..

primrose ceramic wall flower

On a quest to learn how to live in communion with the natural world. Searching for that symbiotic relationship so many of us crave as this world takes us far away from it, and therefore further from our truest selves.

Delicately handcrafted porcelain wearables and objects, for animal and nature lovers.

Created just above the river, upon a steep hillside, amongst a blanket of trees in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Crafted with nature in mind for those of us who wish to deeply feel part of her magic.

‘When Cow meets Frog’

Ceramic Animal Dioramas.

New porcelain animal scenes in the making. Read my story and see their progress..

10% of your sale goes to the Choose Love Refugee Organisation and local animal sanctuaries.

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