Animal scenes

Below you’ll see a collection of images from my first porcelain animal scene. Having previously always crafted in a commercial way, this is my first exploration into a different way of making.

Where it all began.

When Covid hit in 2020 I was mainly making floral inspired bridal accessories and jewellery. As the wedding industry ceased to exist for some time, I suddenly had the space to think about how I would survive financially but not a huge amount of time owing to my 2 year old son and the lockdown restrictions. But it did give me the opportunity I’d been wanting to begin moving beyond solely making accessories. I began making porcelain wall flowers and birds, and expanded my earrings into a broader nature theme. Another opportunity of time and space arrived with a house move and a renovation that found me without a studio space for several months. I used this time to design ceramic animal scenes of a whimsical and beautiful nature. Having been vegan for 4 years it felt like my way of processing the cruelty of the animal farming industry and my way of showing respect to animals.

Where I am up to now.

I have now finished one animal scene ‘When Cow Meets Frog’. It is a small scale diorama, with layers of trees, plants, flora and fauna inspired by my woodland surroundings where I live here in Hebden Bridge. Centre stage sits a peaceful cow and a friendly frog sharing an apple upon a waterlily covered lake. It is designed to be played with, each porcelain element separate to the other, to open up the childlike curious spirit dormant in the adult. And perhaps, while your being is light and open to playfulness, so might your heart be open, to the plight of the farmed animal. The scene is designed to be beautiful, peaceful, idyllic. Yet what also exists, is a deep sadness for the unworthiness we place upon the many animals who tread this planet alongside us.

These scenes are best viewed in person so that one can become immersed in play. I would particularly love to work in collaboration with animal sanctuaries, charities and inclusive organisations that are involved in the wellbeing of all. If that is you please contact me here.