Welcome. I am Marie Canning.

I create animal and nature inspired ceramics designed for the sensitive souls amongst us who love nothing more than to feel beautifully connected with the natural world.

Designing and creating for nature and animal lovers is how I deeply process the overwhelming beauty and wonder of the natural world as well as its difficulties and challenges.

I have a rich curiosity for nature, a passion to care for our planet and a deep respect for the non human animals who tread amongst us. I make my creations in the hope they help to elevate animals to a revered place in our minds and to assist in the collective shift towards protecting our planet and all her inhabitants.

Handmade in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, my natural ceramic collections can be worn or placed around the nature and animal lovers home, allowing nature into all aspects of our lives. reminding us of this wondrous planet we call home and the conscious role we’d like to play upon it.

I have a strong desire to help people connect more deeply with nature, animals and themselves. The clay is simply my own personal medium to get messages across and alongside writing on my blog, my most preferred method of communication with the outside world.

Having always been an animal lover, I have, and still do struggle processing the suffering of farmed animals. Upon first learning about animal agriculture, the effects on animals, people and the planet I felt so frustrated. It wasn’t a nice or a useful place to be. What came out of the frustration though was a need to help in some way. And my way is through creating artworks that express compassion, joy, playfulness and wonder towards all species of animals that tread this earth alongside us and also call it home.

“..Another element to my process is it feels like the whimsical and idyllic nature of the scenes is reminding me to stay light and free myself. To not get bogged down in the darkness of activism, to come from a place of non judgement, rather than fuelling the energy we want to reduce – cruelty, judgement and fear. Yes, so many of us in animal activism want so much for all animals to live a life free of suffering, but we need to share a different energy – compassion – to all. This piece, like my first one, reminds me of that daily..”
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What People Say

“When you like a flower you just pluck it. When you love a flower you water it daily. Amazing porcelain flowers from the lovely Marie Canning.”

Francesco Ardini

“I wanted to tell you how much joy your beautiful lavender brings me. I realised today that every time I walk down the stairs and see it hanging there (thats alot of times a day!) it makes me smile.”

Sally Wilson

“I picked up my parcel today and it is all so beautiful and perfect!! They’re even more beautiful than they look on your website and I can’t quite get over how someone can make something so delicate!”

Sarah James
Ceramic flowers

10% of your sale goes to the Choose Love Refugee Organisation and local animal sanctuaries.

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