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For Empaths.

As the world watches Putin’s horrifying invasion of Ukraine, not so long after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, not so long after Covid touched our lives so deeply and amongst the other equally disturbing attacks on our planet and all her inhabitants, so many of us are left feeling such angst and inner turmoil. Some of us feel this even when we seem so far away from the disaster unfolding geographically and even if the events don’t directly touch ours/our families/our friends lives. If you’re of a fellow empathic nature I bet you’ve been feeling like me too. To watch individuals go through such pain is intolerable to our nature. Even worse is when we feel like there is nothing we can do but watch disaster after disaster unfold helplessly. Added on top of that is the shameful feeling that you are centering the despair of others, upon yourself.

Often in these events triggered by those in immense positions of power and with nuances and history involved that I will never understand it truly feels like there really is nothing you can do. You might not have money to donate to refugee organisations and no power over the situation at all.

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What can you do when you can’t do anything.

I think if we are honest with ourselves we can see the sickness that is Putin’s want for control and domination reflected in aspects of our own lives. We live in an unconscious capitalistic society fuelled by greed and the destruction of our fellow human beings, animals and the home we live upon. Many back governments that refuse to let the most in need reach a place of basic safety. We want and we crave, rarely stopping to consider who we truly might want to be in this world. If we want tolerance our actions must be tolerant, if we want strength of spirit we must find our inner strength, if we want to live in a world that respects one and all we must show respect to each other, if we want safety we must protect with all our courage those who are at risk. Yes there are huge nuances to this conversation but what we want we must become. And the ripples of changes inwards could be extraordinary as they ripple outwards. It is frustrating having expectations placed on us individuals when enormous government structures do not take responsibility. We cannot control their actions, but we can control our own and be present with ourselves to move forwards to create a world we actually want to live in.

While that happens the deep sadness that has filled me this week while watching humans attack humans in the name of greed will stay with me. I’ll pray not to a god of doctrine but to the spirit that lives in each of us that Ukraine will find peace. Their bravery to protect their friends and families and to stand up for what is right will also be reflected in me through my conscious actions. What I want from others I will become myself. No doubt fairly imperfectly, but I will try and then try again.

As I send out this blog link with my March email, I am lighting a candle and spending some moments in quiet for the people of Ukraine. Please join me should you wish to also light a candle or to close you eyes and spend a few moments sending Ukraine peace.

Sending love to Ukraine and everyone affected, my thoughts go out to you.

P.S. A beautiful poem below by Martha Postlewaite..

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