Why I struggle with the term ‘vegan’.

The word ‘vegan’ was coined by animal rights activist Donald Watson in the 1940s but of course abstaining from eating animals has been the way of life for many, way before then. His label has survived decades however, to be a term used by a growing population of people wanting to abstain from animal products.Continue reading “Why I struggle with the term ‘vegan’.”

A Bluebell Offering

My second ceramic animal diorama. A little about my process and the meaning behind it. Once I had finished my first ceramic animal scene back in April and I was spending time sharing it on Pinterest and Instagram, a regular theme was showing up as I typed about the meaning behind the piece. Beginning asContinue reading “A Bluebell Offering”

The meeting

My first ceramic animal scene. Below you’ll see a collection of images from my first porcelain animal scene. Having previously always crafted in a commercial way, this is my first exploration into a different way of making. About ‘The Meeting’. I have now finished one animal scene ‘The Meeting’. (April 2022). It is a smallContinue reading “The meeting”

I am what I am, nothing more and nothing less.

Observing nature, and her lesson on moving beyond failure. One morning a week I get up early and take a walk through the woods to a little swim spot. After a very quick and determined dip in the freezing Yorkshire river I sit on a rock with my hot tea and a notebook. It tendsContinue reading “I am what I am, nothing more and nothing less.”

Coping with the world as it is.

For Empaths. As the world watches Putin’s horrifying invasion of Ukraine, not so long after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, not so long after Covid touched our lives so deeply and amongst the other equally disturbing attacks on our planet and all her inhabitants, so many of us are left feeling such angst andContinue reading “Coping with the world as it is.”

As Winter passes, I let fear go too..

Letting go of fear and looking ahead to Spring. I’ve always felt I’m a fearful person.. in most situations I can upload my anxiety to dizzying heights. Whether that’s social meet ups, sharing my work, exploring alone in nature, worrying about my health, my son’s, my dog’s.. Perhaps if you’re reading this, you know howContinue reading “As Winter passes, I let fear go too..”

Why I’m leaving Instagram and Facebook.

I’ve decided to leave instagram and Facebook. And I’m very excited about it! I haven’t been very active on the instagram grid since our house move in Spring this year as I am patiently awaiting my new workspace to be completed. I have been gratefully sending out orders from the pieces I made before weContinue reading “Why I’m leaving Instagram and Facebook.”

How to empower animals

This is a blog post for those of us who get very concerned and upset by the exploitation of animals for food, clothing, cosmetics and more. You may already be vegan, you may be working towards veganism or you may just be interested in veganism and open to discussions around it. Whatever your point onContinue reading “How to empower animals”