A Bluebell Offering

My second ceramic animal diorama.

A little about my process and the meaning behind it.

Once I had finished my first ceramic animal scene back in April and I was spending time sharing it on Pinterest and Instagram, a regular theme was showing up as I typed about the meaning behind the piece. Beginning as an exploration into our relationship with farmed animals I found myself specifically writing about the plight of mother animals and an enquiry into the utilitarian approach and societally approved norm of using their wombs, eggs and milk making capabilities to solely a human advantage.

I also connected my intent of making the piece playful to animal activism. When young children play they are doing a lot of investigating in a carefree mode. Many of us loose this ability to learn from play as we age, instead reiterating the same ideals as our parents and blindly following the norms set by society. It is not easy to think about a subject in a different way than most of your peers and family. A young child not yet caught up in our world is still of their own mind and their play reflects this. I hope by creating playful pieces (that hopefully one day can actually be played with by adults!) it will will help to open our minds, and crucially our hearts that animals are here with us, rather than for us.

Another element to my process is it feels like the whimsical and idyllic nature of the scenes is reminding me to stay light and free myself. To not get bogged down in the darkness of activism, to come from a place of non judgement, rather than fuelling the energy we want to reduce – cruelty, judgement and fear. Yes, so many of us in animal activism want so much for all animals to live a life free of suffering, but we need to share a different energy – compassion – to all. This piece, like my first one, reminds me of that daily.

About the scene.

This scene features a porcelain mother cow and her calf. Nestled in the bluebells up in the trees within a disused Abbey building. A hare approaches the stone steps carrying a bluebell offering. Tiny blue tits soar through the scene and pink Spring blossom falls from the sky. Here are a collection of images to show you more..

Whats next..

These dioramas are not yet for sale as my intention is to exhibit them and allow people to play with them. But I am now making small and one off collections of accompanying ceramic pieces that are related to each scene. Currently for sale is a Waterlily Wall Piece, A Trio of Porcelain Butterflies and Waterlily Earrings.

Its June 2022 now and I hoping to have another piece finished before the summer holidays. The holidays don’t make for consistent work time here! But I will be making some individual animal and nature pieces that can be purchased over time to build up your own scene, as well as some nature wall pieces. Each piece will likely be a one off so to be the first to know – you can join my monthly newsletter below:

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