The meeting

My first ceramic animal scene.

Below you’ll see a collection of images from my first porcelain animal scene. Having previously always crafted in a commercial way, this is my first exploration into a different way of making.

About ‘The Meeting’.

I have now finished one animal scene ‘The Meeting’. (April 2022). It is a small scale diorama, with layers of trees, plants, flora and fauna inspired by my woodland surroundings where I live here in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Centre stage sits a peaceful cow and a friendly frog sharing an apple upon a waterlily covered lake. The scene is designed to be played with, each porcelain element separate to the other, to open up the childlike curious spirit dormant in the adult. And perhaps, while your being is light and open to playfulness, so might your heart be open, to the plight of the farmed animal. The scene is designed to be beautiful, peaceful, idyllic. Yet what also exists, is a deep sadness for the unworthiness we place upon the many animals who tread this planet alongside us.

Thank-you for reading. You can now also view my second nature diorama ‘A Bluebell Offering’ and now it’s time to start on the third!

These dioramas are not yet for sale as my intention is to exhibit them and allow people to play with them. But I am now making small and one off collections of accompanying ceramic pieces that are related to each scene. Currently for sale is a Waterlily Wall Piece, A Trio of Porcelain Butterflies and Waterlily Earrings.

10% of your sale goes to the Choose Love Refugee Organisation and local animal sanctuaries.

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